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How Finance has been Apart of my life

Finance In School

Finance Major:

For my finance major, I am currently taking business ordinated classes plus pre-requisite classes. Some of the classes I have taken that have strengthened my knowledge in the finance field are: Economics 130, Economics 201, Economics 202, Accounting 251, and Accounting 252. Now that I am in my junior year, I will be taking higher level finance classes like finance 370 which focuses on investments.

DECA in High School:

During my senior year of high school, I chose to be a part of the organization called DECA. I signed up to compete in two categories: Business Finance and the Stock Market Game (SMG). At the area or local competition, I finished in 5th place in the Business Finance category. From here, I competed at the State Competition in Bellevue, WA. I learned a vast amount of knowledge from business professionals who were at the event.

Finance Out of School

Investment Club at CWU:

As a Junior at Central Washington University, I actively participate in the Investment Club to learn more about stock analysis. I had the opportunity to become an elected officer three years in a row, serving the following positions: Vice President of Web Management (September 2018-Present), Treasurer (September 2017-June 2018), and Vice President of the club (September 2016-June 2017).

Programming and Finance:

I am teaching myself how to create a python script that will analyze stock market data from the NYSE that will create a graph that will be easy to see trends. My goal with learning and creating this script is that I can learn more about analyzing the data. With this I will be able to use the graph alongside a spreadsheet that uses similar numbers to predict the future market price.

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Why Finance?

In my Junior year of high school, I began to enjoy working with stocks and became fascinated by it.

The Future of Finance

I am going to continue to trade stocks and evaluate stock prices to see which ones I should invest in by using graphs and my script.

Most Recent Projects


Pacwest Software Development

  • Software Dev LLC in WA State
  • Used: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP
  • CSS Flex/Grid Foundation

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Jim Kenny Campaign Website

  • Local Politician

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Pocket Puppy Hotel

  • Toy and Miniature Dog Boarding Company in Duvall, WA
  • Built with Squarespace and has custom css

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